Artist Bio

Kathleen HeroldKathleen Herold has been studying and producing art for most of her life.  She has explored various media including oil, pastels, acrylic, and watercolor.  She is also a muralist specializing in, but not limited to, children’s theme rooms.  Though primarily self-taught, she has studied at Harper College and McHenry County College in Illinois, and studied the ancient art of Sumi-e (Japanese brush painting) at the University of Hawaii in Hilo.  She resides in the suburban Phoenix area. She enjoys painting a wide range of subject matter and loves to work from nature, although many of her paintings are a compilation of images tucked away in her memory and don’t represent a particular location. She had painted for years in both oil and acrylic and later became fascinated by the free-flowing transparency of watercolor.  Though a difficult medium to conquer, the repeated color washes that are possible only in watercolor create unique effects as seen in her abstract series.  She currently works in both watercolor and acrylic.