Artist in Residence

The photographs below represent the 2006 “Artist in Residence” program murals painted by third graders in a Racine, Wisconsin, elementary school. Each year an artist is selected to teach their particular art form to third graders during a two-week program consisting of 24 classes. In 2006, Kathleen was invited to help the students produce a total of 6 murals representing the 6 third grade classes. Each class picked a theme and each student drew a sketch representing their ideas for the theme. Kathleen then compiled the students’ ideas into a mural sketch on canvas.

The top image in each photo shows the mural sketched on canvas, the middle image shows the mural after the students finished painting, and the bottom image is the completed mural after Kathleen painted in the background, adjusted small areas of color, and outlined each object in black  “coloring book” style.

Please click on the thumbnails below to view the full image.