Abstract Watercolor Tryptic Painting

“My husband and I are thrilled at the work done by Kathy Herold.  I had an old barn door that was a sentimental treasure to me.  I wouldn’t let anyone paint the scene on the door until I met Kathy.  I had seen her work before.  Kathy researches the subject matter before she makes the initial drawing.  Her attention to detail is awesome.  Now this old barn door is really a work of art, needless to say a conversation piece as well.

Kathy also enriched a piece of furniture for me by using the wallpaper in the existing room, again researching the flowers, and duplicating them on the panels of the front door the cabinet I use in the room.  She is truly a remarkable artist.”

– Nancy and Don T., Barrington, IL

“We love the murals Kathy created for our children’s ‘ rooms.  It was a great relief to discover her willingness to paint our son’s mural a second time when we moved into our new home.  Two years later we had to ask her to repaint our daughter’s “Jesus Little Lamb” mural in a larger room with two little girls pictured to include her new baby sister.  At the same time she painted a different theme for our son who had now outgrown the “Noah’s Ark” theme he had since birth.  Kathy has now done a total of five murals for our children over the past seven years.

We thank Kathy for her creativity in developing delightful theme rooms.  We are sure we will work with her again in the future.

– David and Lisa S., Racine, WI

“Kathy has donated her time and talent over the past five years painting backdrops, free-standing artwork, and full-size animal cutouts reflecting the theme of our Vacation Bible Schools.  Her work transforms the chancel area of our church into a realistic themed environment where children can learn about God.  It is great to watch the reaction of the children each year when they walk in the first day.  This year was especially memorable since the life-size animals included a 14-foot tall giraffe.

We are grateful for this wonderful addition to our Vacation Bible School experience.”

– Reverend Tom C., Racine, WI

“Kathy did a wonderful job with our mural.  It is the focal point of our basement and is exactly what we wanted, beautiful and personal.”

– Pete and Sherrie S., Crystal Lake, IL